A little Cabin update for all who may venture

I goed to de cabin last week an dis is what I seen...

The lower bathroom does work BUT-the shower is so rotten that it cannot be used.  That is a good thing because the hot water feed to the shower had to be capped off due to a burst pipe.  The floor is slowly sinking under the toilet so I shut off the water to that too. The only thing holding the floor up is the giant fungal growth in the crawl space. I call him Fred the Fungus.  He's been down there a long time. You may want to poke your head down there and say Thanks (He's the dark green moody one in the corner).  I installed new water filters twice so you should have tasty (tasteless?), clear, sparkling water-for about a day.

Both sinks work as does the clothes washer feeds.  The upstairs toilet does work.

The stereo is there and working with the tuner as a source. Where is the 18 Disc CD player?  Scott?

Alas, we were so caught up in our leisure time that I did not look at the pontoon motor.  With the pontoon sitting on shore and not enough of a desire to move it, we effortlessly watched it not float the whole weekend.

For some reason the sump pump float does not seem to work, the pump just run and runs.
Three options:
1)     Fix the float- how I do not know,  I did not look at that either
2)     Run the pump until you see the top of the motor housing in the tank and unplug-don't let it go too long and burn out
3)     Do nothing and hope it doesn't get too hot & humid

The fire pit works, gave it a test run.

Be nice to Wally, he's got the shower power now...


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